1901 1967 1982 1983
(December 9) Souris State Bank Opened
(Founders) M. L. Helgerson of Bottineau, G. S. Ogren of Bottineau, and S. B. Qvale of Willmar, MN.
Souris State Bank relocates to 514 Thompson Street in Bottineau. Bank changes name to State Bank of Bottineau. (September) Bank finds new owners. Purchased by Reuben Ellingson, Kenneth Henry, Raymond Kornkven, Gerald Long, Glenn Long, Billy Siercks, Carl Skarphol and Cedric Theel. State Bank of Bottineau continues to grow. In order accomodate growth the bank puchases adjacent building to the south for office space.
1985 1986 1999 2008
State Bank of Bottineau expands by adding The Investment Center to the main building. Expansion continued when State Bank of Bottineau purchased an insurance agency to aid the community.  Additional offices were added to the main building. The United Community Bank branch office in Bottineau was acquired, changed to State Bank of Bottineau and used to expand the branch locations in Bottineau. Branch location in Souris was closed.
2013 2014 2015
Building committee formed and began researching the construction of a new bank building at the 103 11th Street East Branch Location. Board decision to proceed with the construction of a new State Bank of Bottineau facility at the corner of Highway 5 and Main Street. We opened our new location at 105 11th Street East on June 16th, 2015. Our Grand Opening was held on September 18th, 2015.

$500 Denims Scholarship application deadline March 15, 2021. Contact the bank for more information.